Roll, fold, charge, and stow better than the rest.

Plus mobility products are thoughtfully-designed for easy use.

60% of car trips in the U.S. are less than 5 miles long, the sweet spot for LEVs.
Here's what makes our product stand out:

Fold Flat Hinge

Turn the patent pending quick-release knob to fold or unfold, and go!

2 Carry Handles

Drag, wheelbarrow, lift, or carry it using the integrated handles.

10-12 Mile range

Since 60% of car trips are less than 5 miles, get there and back on one charge.

USB-C Charging

Fast and convenient recharging in under 2 hours.

Comfortable ride

The air filled wheels and wide wood deck give a more comfortable ride than other eScooters.


Designed for disassembly in less than 10 mins, the electrical system suspended in the metal tube frame.

Easy Storage

Stay organized with the vertical hall way stand and carry bag accessories.

Different Colors & Logos

Front plate available in a variety of colors. In-molded logos for wholesale orders.

Folds & unfolds quickly with patent-pending locking hinge.

Turn the knob to release the lock, then fold or unfold the scooter. It clicks when fully folded or unfolded.

Then you're good to go about 10 miles at up to 15 miles per hour.

Ride comfortably on a wide wooden deck, air filled wheels, and dual brakes.

Brake safely with an electronic brake and patent-pending rear-wheel drum friction brake. We created a front column design borrowed from larger eMopeds and combined it with aluminum alloy tube frame design from the bicycle industry, resulting in a compact folded size and comfortable ride at faster speeds.

Size matters with light electric vehicles.

Our patent-pending frame design folds flatter than other products like it. You're welcome  ◡̈  

Unique Colors

In-molded logos and a variety of front panel colors means we can personalize the product to better meet your style.

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