Roll, fold, charge, track, and stow better.

Reshaping micromobility with a better experience for all.

Plus Rides develops light electric vehicles (LEVs) that roll, fold, charge, track, and stow better. Here's how:

Fold Flat Hinge

Turn the patent pending knob to fold or unfold. Its free of pinch points and folds flatter than others.

2 Carry Handles

Lift into a trunk, Carry upstairs, or Wheelbarrow with one of two integrated handles.

10-12 Mile range

Get there and back on one charge. Did you know 60% of US car trips are less than 5 miles long?

USB-C Charging

Fast, safe, and convenient USB-C charging in under 2 hours. Charger with 6 ft cable included.

Comfortable ride

The air filled wheels and suspended wide wood deck give a comfortable ride with lightness compared to all-metal eScooters.


Frame design with no exposed wires. Designed for maintenance at bikes shops.

Easy Storage

Front handle doubles as storage hook. Stow vertically in 1 square foot using hallway stand.

Customize color & brand

For Fleet orders, get custom color front plate & logo integration.

Roll smoothly up to 10 miles

Ride comfortably on air filled tires, wood deck, & dual brakes: front wheel electric brake and patent-pending rear wheel fender-actuated drum brake.

Fold flat with no pinch points

Folds & unfolds quickly with patent-pending locking hinge. There are no finger pinch points at the hinge and the frame has no exposed wires.

To fold or unfold the scooter, turn the knob counterclockwise to release. It clicks when fully folded or unfolded. Tighten and you're ready to ride.

Charge with USB-C in 2 hours

Charge quickly and safely under 2 hours with smart USB-C charger.

Stow and carry with ease

Stow vertically and carry with front or top carry handles.

Indoors, use the hall stand to stow the scooter vertically in less than 1 square foot.

Outdoors, lock the frame to any bike rack with U-lock or cable lock.

Track with bluetooth beacon technology.

Bluetooth beacon hardware is embedded in each scooter enabling low-cost management of fleets wirelessly through a Mobile App or Tablet software.

Fleet Software Platforms and Shared System Operators can Integrate our beacon into your Mobile App to eliminate the need for cellular connectivity in each scooter, allowing fleet owners and operators to save on hardware cost and cellular service contracts.

Customized Colors & Logos

Custom permanent vinyl logos and a variety of front panel colors are available for fleets.

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