The Electric  Scooter That Goes with You

Personal Electric Vehicles that roll, fold, charge, track, and stow better

Multiple images of a person carrying a folded PLUS scooter in transit stations.

Fold and Stow in 1 sq ft.

Plus Rides' unique, patent-pending hinge folds the scooter flatter than others, effortlessly and with no pinch-points.

To transport, just roll it like a suitcase. At home or work? Tuck it into the included hall stand, using less than 1 square foot.

A graph comparing the energy efficiency of various forms of transportation

Travel 8-10 miles up to 15 mph. Recharge with USB-C.

Ride smoothly for 8-10 miles at up to 15MPH on 8.5" air-filled wheels, a wide wood deck on rubber mounts, and dual brakes (front electronic and rear fender-actuated drum brake).

Charges in under 2 hours with included USB-C charger.

Girl riding pink scooter

Optimized for You and All the Ways You Move.

The Plus Rides electric scooter is compact, affordable, stylish, and transit-friendly. Perfect for the 60% of U.S. trips under 5 miles, unlike costly, bulky cars and e-bikes designed for longer distances.

A graph comparing the energy efficiency of various forms of transportation

Developed by the team behind Uber's JUMP Bikes, funded by CA & NY state grants.

Plus Rides scooters, crafted by the innovators at Tomorrow Lab®, showcase our dedication to quality design and manufacturing. With a direct hand in our supply chain, we've refined our scooters since 2019 through rigorous testing with commuters and enthusiasts, ensuring they surpass user expectations.