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Electric mobility products for Individuals and Businesses

We design & manufacture light electric vehicles (LEVs)
that roll, fold, charge, and stow better than the rest.

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Take-with-you Mobility

Our patent-pending design is easy to fold, carry, and take with you. Go 10 miles on each charge. Recharge safely with USB-C in 2 hours.

Use Plus to connect to other modes of transportation like bus, train, subway, and cars. You can't do that with shared systems like Lime or Bird.

A graph comparing the energy efficiency of various forms of transportation

Climate & Energy Friendly

Electronic micromobility products have the power to decarbonize our world. Each mile taken on a Plus scooter versus a gas car saves about 500grams of CO2 from being emitted.

Furthermore, eScooters are one of the most energy-efficient ways to move an individual — on average 10x less energy than an EV car and 5x less than walking!

Multiple images of a person carrying a folded PLUS scooter in transit stations.

Durable & Repairable

The Plus scooter has no exposed wires, a minimal design, and a consolidated electronics cabinet for compactness and ease of repair.

We created a repairable design that is easier to maintain than its competitors. The structural frame can be serviced with common bike tools for any necessary tune-ups or repairs.

A graph comparing the energy efficiency of various forms of transportation

Built-in Fleet Tracking

For managing multiple Plus scooters, our wireless tracking hardware embedded in each scooter enables low-cost fleet management through an App on the Rider's phone and/or the Admin's tablet.

Without the need for cellular connectivity in each scooter, fleet owners save on hardware cost and cellular service contracts.

Thoughtfully designed personal mobility products 
that safely and quickly connect you to the places you're going.