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Affordable LEVs designed for owning, not sharing.

Plus makes foldable zero-emission light electric vehicles (LEVs) that roll, fold, and stow better than the rest. Designed for repair and an affordable price, Plus is easy to carry and quick to recharge, providing a 10-12 mile range.

Close up view of the front panel of PLUS scooter

It's all connected. We're on a mission to address climate change, conserve energy, and improve social equity with personally owned light electric vehicles (LEVs).

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Climate. our LEVs are zero emission vehicles.

Did you know the average gas car emits about 0.5kg of CO2 per mile traveled? Each mile taken on PLUS versus a gas car avoids that many GHGs.

We are dedicated to initiatives for education and development of youth on safety, sustainability, and decarbonizing our world.

A graph comparing the energy efficiency of various forms of transportation

Energy. eScooters are one of the most efficient ways to move an individual.

All energy is connected. eScooters are one of the most efficient way to move an individual - on average 10x less than an EV car and 5x less than walking!

At Plus Rides, we seek to make energy efficient mobility products.

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Social Equity. Personal mobility means financial empowerment.

Safe, fast mobility gives individuals better access to jobs, healthcare, and community.

Use Plus to connect to other modes of transportation like bus, train, subway, and Uber/Lyft.

As we build Plus Rides, we aim to create Green Jobs for diverse youth.